Cyclone Uesi

Cyclone Uesi

Good morning all, Visual Collective is coming to you from Snapper Rocks.

Thanks to Cyclone Uesi the Gold Coast had its best run of Swell in months, with all the points lighting up from Noosa to Snapper Rocks.

The peak of the swell hit Friday and Saturday and so did the rain, which produced large chocolate barrels and thick sea foam caused by the massive amount of water coming out of the rivers and creeks.

Saturday morning awoke to 6-8 ft sets rolling into Snapper Rocks along with an arm-breaking sweep taking any keen surfer down to Greenmount in minutes.

The best waves along the Coolie stretch were to be found around Greenmount and around the groyne.

Kirra was definitely the best and the busiest place to be with a large crowd including pros and 20 plus jet skis with photographers capturing all the best angles from the water.

The swell dropped off significantly after Saturday due to Uesi moving quickly down the coast, but after a good few weeks of swell most punters had their fill.

Let’s hope we get another couple of tropical cyclones over the next few months before the season ends.

The waves are decreasing slightly tomorrow into the 2-3ft range and continue to sit around the 1-3 foot mark for the remainder of the week.

If I’ve captured you in any images, please feel free to get in touch for a photo.

Have a great day all,

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