This is the Gold Coasts biggest skate park, featuring the legendary 10ft vert pool accompanied by colourful street art and challenging lines. In recent years there have been many additions including a perfect 10ft peanut-shaped bowl and love seat, full street course, an extension to the 3-6ft transition section and floodlights till 10 pm.

Arguably, Pizzey is the coasts best skate park with its smooth surface, fun lines and suitability for all skill levels makes it a must-visit for any skater while on the Goldy. Best to try and get there early with many schools in close proximity this park can be very crowded in the afternoon and weekends.

Location: 80 Pacific Ave, Miami

Lighting: Floodlights till 10pm

Park suitability: 20% beginner 50% intermediate 30% advanced


Nerang Skate Park is the gold coasts most popular street park, although it does have a great 4-8ft bowl section including cradle and doorway as well as a 3-6ft pool coping peanut bowl. While the street section is its main drawcard, this section features a number of ledges, hubbas and rails in one line with a large pyramid at one end and a slightly smaller one adjacent featuring a Euro gap and hubba ledges. On any given afternoon you will see some of the Gold Coasts best street skaters, performing incredible tricks through this section.

The bowl section is tight and fast and is more suited for intermediate to advanced skaters. Recently the park has been re-surfaced making for a smooth and fast ride.

Location: Nerang Connection Road, Arthur Earle Park, Nerang

Lighting: There are lights at Nerang 24/7

Park suitability: 5% beginner 50% intermediate 45% advanced


Mudgee Skate Park is a fun small to medium size park.  A mostly transition based park featuring only a few small street obstacles.  This is a really great park for beginner to intermediate riders with a small 2ft bowl making it great for learning tricks on its ride-on grind ledges, mini hips and banks. Mudgee has recently been re-surfaced making for a very smooth and fast ride. It’s a great place to visit on a summer’s day, with some large trees on the western side of the park, making for some must needed shade. Definitely a great park if you’re looking for a mellow roll between waves

Location: 1 Somerset Drive, Mudgeeraba.

Lighting: Mudgeeraba is a day location due to the lack of lighting

Park suitability: 50% beginner 45% intermediate 5% advanced


Tugun Skate Park had a large upgrade around 4 years ago, which now features a smooth plaza style park. This includes many rails ledges banks, transitions and a 3-7ft pool. The existing early 2000 style park was resurfaced at the same time and although a now dated style, it’s still really fun with transitions, banks and hips ranging from 2- 6ft. Due to its exposed location (at the end of the Gold Coast airport runway) it’s often very windy here, making it hard going especially in a strong southerly. Tugun is a very versatile park with something for all levels to enjoy.

Location: Boyd Street, Tugun

Lighting: Tugun is a day location due to the lack of lighting

Park suitability: 20% beginner 50% intermediate 30% advanced


The Cooly Skate Park is only small, but due to its close proximity to the beach is a must visit while on the Gold Coast. Featuring quirky obstacles including a taco shaped transition, curved ledges and tiled banks it’s a great place to stop for a quick skate on the way to or after surfing the points. A great park for getting creative and still holds a challenge for even the advanced skater.

Location: 2/8 Scott Street, Coolangatta.

Lighting: Coolie is a day location due to the lack of lighting

Park suitability: 50% beginner 45% intermediate 5% advanced


Varsity makes it on to the honourable mention list due its design suited to the more advanced skater.

The park has a large bowl at the end of the run with an intimidating cradle, which is suited to the more adventurous rider. The upper part of the park has a lot of street and unusual transition features but is a difficult place to skate for beginners due to its flow. It’s still worth a roll if in the area and is only 10 minutes from Burleigh Heads.

Location: Cassia Drive, Varsity Lake

Lighting: Varsity is a day location due to the lack of lighting

Park suitability: 5% beginner 35% intermediate 60% advanced

I hope this guide helps while deciding where to skate on the Gold Coast.

Thanks to Gav for his time and help on putting this guide together, in front of the camera and behind

If you’re in need of some skate coaching while on the coast, he’s the man to talk too.