Hi, I’m Simon Beedle and have been a professional photographer for over twelve years and won numerous Australian and international awards for my work and had my photography displayed in galleries around the world.

During that time, my passion has taken me across Australia’s diverse landscapes, the unrivaled beauty of New Zealand and the culture and architecture of Europe. I’ve captured the beauty of these incredible locations and turned those moments into fine art pieces that hang in homes and galleries across the world.

I am drawn to the diversity of nature – from Australia’s red soil center, the alpine regions of the high country and the aqua cays of the Great Barrier Reef. My combined passion for the outdoors and travel enables me to create iconic images from Australia’s diverse landscape, New Zealand and the world. I believe a photograph has to provoke an emotion, represent the landscape and tell a story.

Although I’ve spent many years traveling around Australia and the world, the perfect weather, lifestyle and surf has now made me a permanent Gold Coaster.

Thanks for checking out my gallery, If you have any questions or would like to get in touch please call or email via the contact page.