Currumbin Surf

Good afternoon all, Visual Collective is coming to you from Currumbin Alley

I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy over this unpredictable time…it’s been hard for a lot of people but let’s hope we can get a handle on it soon.

Another awesome looking autumn day here on the Gold Coast and a fun 2-3ft swell hitting the beaches. I spent the morning floating around the Alley just enjoying the ability to still be outdoors and do what I love.

The Alley had some fun waves early, which got better with the outgoing tide and the sand around Laceys was the pick with a few long rides for the crew on logs.

The swell is slightly increasing tomorrow into the 2-3ft range and is predicted to stay around the 2ft mark for the remainder of the week.

If I’ve captured you in any images, please feel free to get in touch for a photo.

Stay safe and have a great day all,