Cyclone Gretel

Mikey Wright

Good afternoon all, Visual Collective is coming to you from ex tropical cyclone Gretel.

The Gold Coast has been firing of late, with at least a good month of waves so far and no sigh of it slowing down in the foreseeable future,we’ve been damn lucky.

The latest offering was produced by ex tropical cyclone Gretel which has now moved offshore towards NZ and like most cyclone swells, it was a little over hyped. It was predicted to be 6-8ft for a few days, but it was more like 4-5ft, but hey, I’m not complaining with most of the Gold Coast and myself getting our fair share.

The points were definitely the place to be during the swell, from Burleigh to Snapper were just firing on the early low tide. With most of the Pros in town for the start of the WSL tour, which has been unfortunately cancelled due to CONVID- 19, they made the most of the conditions with some incredible sessions going down behind the rock at Snapper.

The waves are leveling off slightly tomorrow into the 3-4 ft range and should hold for the rest of the week with favorable winds for all the points.

If I’ve captured you in any images, please feel free to get in touch for a photo.

Have a great day all,


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